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Wow, where have the last 8 months gone??? When Ali, Andy and l sat round a table in Colosseo last August doodling logos, and discussing whether to actually do this or whether we were just daft for even contemplating it, we never imagined we’d have just completed a hugely successful sell-out tour. With no budget and a simple ethos, ‘Promoting the best of local talent and new writing’ Square One Productions was born.

I have to say a huge thank you to Andy and Ali foragreeing to join me when l had the crazy idea of starting over last year, and for bringing such depth and feeling to the play. Without them Square One would not be here today. To Andy, for being my sounding board and putting up with me talking business even in the small hours, to Ali for her hours of invaluable editing to shape ‘2 Glasses’ into the show you saw and delivering the most compelling leading lady performance l have ever had the pleasure to witness. To the very gorgeous and talented Sarah, for accepting the role of Emma, without her the show would not be complete, and to all of them for their hard work, dedication and professionalism throughout rehearsals and the tour.

For a little company with big ideas we hugely value andappreciate all of the support we have been shown. Since our launch in September, our Twitter and Facebook followers have continued to grow and we have had over 5000 hits on our Website. We could not have done this without your support.

And my final thank you goes to the venues, press and the people who made this show possible, Scawby Village Hall (Margaret Barker, RosemaryPlatts) Broadbent Theatre (Stephanie Heywood, Pete), Kirton Town Hall (Mandy Radcliffe, Hannah Seddon), Trinity Arts Centre (Karen Whitfield, Kevin Dunbar, Darren), Lincoln Drill Hall (Simon Hollingworth, Chris Kirkwood, Little Ed), Alan Borrill (for our wonderful door), Adam McNally (lighting Scawby /Kirton), Scunthorpe Independent, Brigg People, Village Voice, Scunthorpe Telegraph,Amateur Stage, Angie Barley (front of house), Sarah Thompson, Colin Chudley, and Emma Hall andanybody else l may have forgotten!!

‘2 Glasses & A Bottle of Red’ isn’t the first play l have written, but it was ‘the one’ with which to launch our company. A true story of love and relationships, that also tackled the issue of bereavement, grief and mental illness. In the words of one patron, ‘A story that balanced pathos and humour perfectly and beautifully’.

Our goal was to entertain you and hope that it may inspireyou to return to see future shows with Square One as we grow. Thank you so much for supporting our first production and we hope see you at our next show in Autumn 2014.

Nikki (Creative Director and Writer of ‘2 Glasses & ABottle of Red’;)



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Hello everybody!

I figured it was about time l posted a new blog and filled you guys in on everything that’s been going on, which if l’m honest is a lot!! We are well in throws of rehearsals for ‘2 Glasses’ now. We were very lucky to find Sarah Hall, a multi-talented local performer to round off the cast as Emma. Andy and l had previously performed with Sarah in a  Town Production of ‘Canterbury Tales’, and not only does she really look like she could be Ali’s daughter, she’s also a brilliant actress.

Rehearsals are coming along really well. We’ve just reached the dreaded ‘books down’ phase, not bad with 6 weeks to go! And are now dissecting the script to get the maximum impact from the words, and let me tell you it is a verbal rollercoaster of emotions. We move from funny to heart-breaking in an instant. Bring your hankies ladies, and men if you are that way inclined!

Outside of rehearsals, it is a veritable hive of activity, set building, sorting insurance and props, as well as blazing the publicity trails, which you will well know if you follow us on Twitter @sqonetheatre or Facebook. We now have over 250 followers on Twitter and 150 on Facebook, so THANK YOU! For a little company who hasn’t produced a show yet, we hugely value and appreciate all of the support we have been shown.

We can’t wait to get into each and every one of our great venues.  I thought l’d give you a few little lesser known facts about these historic performance spaces.

Scawby Village Hall – this is the 2nd ‘Village Hall’ which was built on the original site of the ‘Village Hut’ built in 1921. (and my Grandad had his wedding reception here, so happy memories!)

Broadbent Theatre This quirky little theatre takes its name from Roy Broadbent who was among those involved in the conversion of the building. The son of Roy, actor Jim Broadbent, is the Honorary President of LRP. (You’d be forgiven for thinking you’d got lost as you drive through the countryside before ‘stumbling’ on this venue)

Kirton Jubilee Town Hall – This wonderful venue was built in 1897. Standing proud in Market Square, it was renovated to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee. Before being turned into a Town Hall, the stone you now see in this beautiful building was used to make the walls of Kirton Prison.

Trinity Arts Centre – The Arts Centre was converted from the Holy Trinity Church which opened in 1843 and closed in 1971, and it’s imposing spire still dominates the façade overlooking the main road (and it does a great Happy Hour for pre-show drinks!)

Lincoln Drill Hall – The original Drill Hall opened in 1890 as a military and police training hall before being used as an entertainment venue. (The Rolling Stones famously played here on 31 December 1963, prior to their appearance on the very first Top of the Pops the next day!)

Hopefully you will be able to join us at one of these brilliant little venues and join us in making our own history as Square One’s debut show!

Nikki x


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We are thrilled at the response from everybody following our launch! We have nearly 100 Twitter followers, dozens of Facebook fans and we've had nearly a thousand hits on the website in such a short time. We could not have asked for more.


I can't believe how much has changed since my last blog! SQUARE ONE is coming on leaps and bounds!! '2 Glasses' is almost complete, we are just doing a couple of re-writes, but we now have a play that is honest, emotional, funny and leaps of the page. It is literally an emotional rollercoaster, and the perfect vehicle for Andy, Ali and our third actor who we hope to have in place in the next couple of weeks. CV's are now rolling in and l'm very proud of how much talent we have in the local area which is why our slogan is 'Promoting the best of local talent and new writing'!


We are also now in the process of booking our new tour, details will follow once the tour schedule is complete, but we are welcome to your suggestions as well, where would you like to see us perform? And what shows would you like to see next? We're already looking ahead to our next production and the season after that and are looking at new writing as well as established plays. Personally l enjoy character driven comedy dramas but would love to sink my teeth into a gritty adaptation like Jekyll and Hyde. What do you enjoy? We would love to hear from you, whether you are a patron, an actor, a writer, so get in touch........


But for now, l've got some phone calls to make. So until next time :-)


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"What's in a name? That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet." Romeo and Juliet – William Shakespeare


Whilst l love Shakespeare, he couldn’t be right about everything and when it came down to picking our company name, getting the right name meant everything. We needed something original and unique to set us apart from other companies, whilst being catchy and memorable. So where the heck do you start? We went through dozens of names with connotations from the geographical to the number of founders, to theatre related terms, before we found the one. We were quite simply back at SQUARE ONE.


It may seem like a daunting prospect, three established thespians with years of experience both on and off stage, starting over again, but instead of being daunted we were invigorated. We actually have the opportunity to form a company that focuses on producing high quality theatre whilst promoting the best of local talent and new writing.


Standing the shadow of the mighty Hull Truck, we saw a niche in the market for a new company to produce exciting new works from talented new writers alongside quality established shows.


We hope to bring on board the best of the best. Writers, Directors, Actors, Crew, any job associated with the theatre. If you have passion and drive and want a new challenge then get in touch, we would love to hear from you, and when people ask who we are, we say proudly, we are SQUARE ONE Productions., back at SQUARE ONE, ready for a new challenge.



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Hello and welcome to our brand, spanking new website! We are so excited to be making our first baby steps on what we hope to be a long and successful journey.

I came across a wonderful quote as we were starting this process “I don’t regret the things l’ve done, l regret the things l didn’t do when l had the chance” and that is so true. This was an opportunity not to be missed, especially with such a wonderful team behind us. Between the three founding members we have over 60 years experience in the theatre, both at amateur and professional level, and we are all passionate about promoting the best of local talent and new writing whilst delivering high quality theatre to our patrons.

I am currently embarked on writing our first full length play ‘2 Glasses and a Bottle of Red’, whilst we are also lining up our second production. More details on casting opportunities and tour details to follow soon.

We are also hugely interested in reading new, small cast, minimal set plays, either contact us using our handy little form or drop us an e-mail to [email protected]

We hope to both excite and entertain you, and thank you for taking this journey with us.



Nikki Pontin (Creative Director)