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‘***** Fantastic show last night, nearly brought me to tears, well done to all, looking forward to the next one xx’ - S.Rawlinson

‘***** What a fab show "2 Glasses and a Bottle of red" you all did brilliantly!! Huge pat on the back well done xxxx’ - F.Rhodes

‘An excellent production. Well done. I am sure anyone who’s seen it cannot help being moved by it.’ - J.Webster.

‘A mega well done to the cast and crew of 2 glasses and a Bottle of red!!!! I recommend it for a fab night out, we all enjoyed it!’ - G.Richardson

‘Deep, reflective, real, believable, emotional. A different slant on therapy.’ - J.Ellory

‘Home from Scawby - Well done on your production of '2 Glasses and a Bottle of Red' - thought provoking but enjoyable!’ - E.Birkitt


‘Came to see your show tonight, really enjoyed it, well done to everyone, acting was brill!’ - A.Clarke


 ‘Believable acting, an insight into grief.’ -  L.Ellory

‘Brilliant.’- A.Wilson

 ‘Fantastic night watching #2glasses, a rollercoaster of emotions and a brilliant start #bringonbroadway!’ - Mr Rawlinson

‘A refreshing look into the consequences of grief, deep insightful and thought provoking, a very good first production something to be proud of, can’t wait to see the next one.’ – A.Barley

‘Great show, well written and the acting fantastic, a very thought provoking piece of drama, obvious commitment and dedication from the cast and all involved that enabled the audience to fully believe and feel drawn to the characters and their relationships. Well done ’ – K.Coupland

'We came to see it last night at Scawby and we all commented on what a great play it was ,well done . We will look out for the next production' . P.Gathercole.


‘Thought it was super. Interesting (kept our attention) and entertaining. Thought the acting was very good and the plot the same.’ P.Clark

‘We thought that overall the play was excellent, with Alison Newell's performance, quite outstanding.’ T.Hall


‘******Saw 2 glasses and a bottle of red knowing nothing about it and both myself and my 15 year old laughed, cried and came away totally flabbergasted by how brilliant the play was, both written and acted!! Can't wait for the next production! Highly highly recommended!!! Well done indeed!!!!’ H.Seddon

‘***** Fantastic show last night! A story most people can relate to in some way that was brilliantly acted by all of you! Well done and look forward to seeing your next show.’ C.Chudley

‘*****Brilliant, flawless performance. Exceptional portrayal of such an intense emotive story line. Clear natural talent from all. Well done , your obvious hard work paid off.’ M.Spain

‘Really good, very well acted, and the story was very relatable, parts of it was like watching my own life!’ S.Thompson

Excellent, very moving show.’ C.Kitchen


‘A real privilege to support a new play. I thought it was excellent; complex material with at times a light touch. Lovely acting by ‘Penny Farthing’ (Alison Newell). Thank you for a great evening.’ Anon

'****** Thoroughly enjoyable night for me and my family.  Well done to all the cast, looking forward to the next one' R.Stone

‘Good staging, sound and continuity. Councilling scenes well written and compelling.’ Anon

'***** Brilliant performance, well done to you all, you was all fantastic. Such an enjoyable night' E.Hall


'You can’t beat a bit of theatre. It gets you out of the house, and the simple fact that your (sic) there and breathing means you’re taking part in supporting the local arts. It does you good to turn off the Gogglebox and watch some real humans act. This production from the newly formed Square One Productions is one such show that deserves some recognition.

It could be described as a dark comedy drama as much of the plot revolves around death and the way humans hang themselves up on it after a loved one has passed. But often the melancholia and humour are divided. I’ll settle on comedy drama, with dark bits.

Alison Newell puts in a storming performance as the relentlessly chirpy Penny, who camouflages her grief with an infectious joy for life and humour for all occasions. But Penny’s dark side is revealed through sessions with her likable grief counsellor Nick, played with a stoic reliability by Andy Pontin. Nick finds himself forced to shine a light on his own troubles as Penny brings her demons to the surface. Sarah Hall puts in an impressive turn as both ballsy and cutesy, single mother Emma, Penny’s daughter, a woman confident in her search to set her mother up on a date, despite her own mangled love life.

I’m not a man for spoilers, so if you want a poignant show that manages to both make you smile and tug on the heart strings, Nikki Pontin’s 2 Glasses and A Bottle of Red might be the night for you. Following a sell out run, the initial shows have ended, but with the rumours of an extended run in the works you might not miss out this excellent slice of life from Square One Productions. These guys are something to watch out for in the future.'